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Welcome to Gold of Sunshine affiliate program!

Check out our webstore! www.goldofsunshine.com

Do you like the products we sell or know people who would? Want to help promote them? Want to earn money while you're sleeping? Gold of Sunshine AffiliatePro is the way!

If you operate a website, a blog, social media pages like: Facebook, Myspace or any web presence then you should sign up today because you qualify.

  We give you all the text links, banners to fit your website. Just paste your code in your site and your done! Visitors will click on your link find some plants, herbs crystals and other amazing stuff and you'll get paid for it!!!!

 This is a completely free to join affiliate program. For every order tracked directed from your links we will pay you a referral fee of 20% plus any other sales! Plus if any affiliates sign up that are directed from you links, we will pay you %5 fee on any order coming from there links.

Become a partner today and help promote these wonderful Salvia Divinorum plants, herbs, incense, books. crystals and more.

 We thank you in advance Cool email us with questions support@goldofsunshine.com

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